Trying to help where we can! Lower prices on Nicotine, Nicotine salts and VG from 3rd September.

About us

Clyrolinx (Pty) Ltd supplies pharmaceutical grade Vegetable glycerine and Propylene glycol; products used in many industries. We also supply quality nicotine and flavour concentrates; ingredients required to make e-liquid. We have the expertise to guide you through the e-liquid manufacturing process. Please see our D.I Y. guide below. Clyrolinx also supplies Pure Alchemy fine French fragrances.

Ready-to-vape e-liquid (Limited stock)

Clyrolinx makes small quantities of e-liquid to test its products. This e-liquid is now being bottled and made available, in limited quantities, in our shop and on our website under the ‘Ready-to-vape E-liquid’ link from the menu.

Clyrolinx is proud to offer Pure Alchemy fine French fragrances.

This is a range of designer-inspired, fine fragrances. Made in the South of France from pure ingredients and processed locally, our perfumes are a blend of innovative alchemy and avant-garde technology. Excellent quality, long-lasting fragrances.


Just getting started or need to refine your techniques? We delve into all the things you need, what they are, how to mix, what to mix, and even delve into advanced techniques and concepts.

Fast Delivery

A speedy delivery is part of the deal. We will deliver to your door using a cost-effective and efficient courier service. Our service is only complete once you’ve received your order.

Great Prices

Our products are priced to offer you the best value for your money without affecting quality. We regularly review our pricing to ensure that we remain competitive.

High Quality

We’re constantly reviewing our products to ensure that we’re supplying the highest quality. We’ve been supplying chemicals to both the local and over-border markets for years. Customer satisfaction with our products and service is essential to our on-going success.

Tried, Tested, Trusted

Clyrolinx products has become one of the trusted names for D.I.Y e-liquid supplies. Established in 2014, Clyrolinx has since built bridges with some of the biggest e-liquid manufacturers in SA to become their go-to for PG, VG, Nicotine and flavour concentrates.