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Clyrolinx recipes (supplied by users of Clyrolinx products)

This product is also available wholesale (for re-sale under your own label) in unlabeled, 100ml bottles for a lower price, with a minimum order value of R1000.00 of any of the flavours on offer. Contact us directly for this option.

This offer is only available while stocks last. Clyrolinx does not operate an excise warehouse and as of 1st June 2023, can no longer mix e-liquids or pre-mix nicotine bases (3mg/ml e-liquid, 30mg/ml and 50mg/ml nic salts, and 2mg/ml, 3mg/ml and 6mg/ml pre-mixes).

We do have large stock of these items which we expect to last for several months.

VG, PG, nicotine and flavour concentrates are still available. None of our products are affected by the new excise duty / tax.


Clyrolinx is ISO 14644-1:2015 Class 7 (ISO-7) certified.

Vegetable Glycerine (VG) & Propylene Glycol (PG)

Vegetable glycerine (VG) and propylene glycol (PG) are the base ingredients required, with or without nicotine, to make e-liquid. Please contact us for more information on D.I.Y. e-liquid processing.

Propylene Glycol

Our propylene glycol is USP grade and is a minimum of 99.7% pure.

Outside of the vaping industry, PG (monopropylene glycol) is commonly used as a food additive to help preserve moisture as well as dissolve colours and flavours. It is also used in some medications, cosmetic products, and other industrial products. The solar power, plastics, and refrigeration industries use PG as a food-grade antifreeze. Read more here…

Vegetable Glycerine

Our vegetable glycerine is BP grade and is a minimum of 99.7% pure.

Outside of the vaping industry, VG is is used in food, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals to improve moisturising properties, to help oils and water-based products mix, or to add sweetness. Read more here…

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